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On 21th August 1906 Knight Giovan Battista Schiatti donated to the municipality of Castiglion Fiorentino the whole place including the land in order to establish a charitable institution.. Due to the Royal decree of the 21th of June 1908, the designation of the property was changed into a Moral Welfare Institute and it entered into the statute of law with the object of nurturing destitute illigitimate and orphaned children mainly with a view to bringing them up and educating them, emphasising the agricultural aspect of learning. On the 12th of March 1963 the statute was approved by the president of Italian Republic. Nevertheless in the '70 the financial situation became incredibly difficult even in spite of the assistence of an administrative council.

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On the 22th of October 1981 due to constant delays in the reconstruction program, the council was reluctanly obliged to sell the place at auction. The Brother Menci bought it. In 1989 Villa Schiatti was purchased by the family Bortot, which have carried out significant work to the building with special attention to historical integrity and incorporating all the benefits of modern facilities and conveniences. In 2007, the whole property was sold. The new owner has rinnovated all the rooms and appartments replacing all the furniture and fittings and giving tot he hotel and restaurant a complete new look matching the beauty of the Hystiorical Villa.

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Loc.Montecchio,131 Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo)     0039-0575651440 / 0575651481 cell 00393315241334

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